THE FUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CARDIAC DISEASES was established in December, 2006 as a result of a motion initiated by the parents of ill children and the medical staff of the Congenital Heart Defects and Pediatric Cardiology Department in Zabrze. The Foundation supports all activities in order to aid the small patients and raises funds for their treatment. In Poland around 5000 kids suffering from various cardiac diseases or defects are born. We do not know yet all of the causes behind these indispositions.

The drama may happen to any family. However, modern medicine is capable of a substantial aid whenever such problems are encountered. Quick and precise diagnosis followed by a relevant medical treatment will bring a majority of such kids back to a normal life. However, the ones with no access to a professional medical care join the ranks of the handicapped provided they live long enough.

In the Congenital Heart Defects and Pediatric Cardiology Department, Zabrze, children and adults from all over the country have been under the professional and considerate treatment. Every year 250 of interventional catheterizations and 200 surgery procedures are performed on all patients regardless their age.

Our motto is PREVENTION. Let us give an equal chance to every child to live a happy and joyful life!

Cooperation with cardiac hospitals/clinics from all over the world guarantees a constant progress: Hospital Ramon y Cayal, Madrid, Spain; Ospedale Bambino Gesu, Rome, Italy; Universitair Medisch Centrum, Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis, Utrecht, Holland; Children.s Hospital Pediatric Cardiology, Huston, Texas, USA; Deborah Heart and Lung Center, New Jersey, USA, Instituto National de Cardiologia, Mexico, Mexico.

As such, more than 50% of all the ill kids have been successfully treated by non-surgical means. The Zabrze clinic was the first one in Poland to treat an atrial septal defect in a non-surgical fashion in October 1997.

  • "Polityka" (46, 15/11/1997), Paweł Walewski, "A plug in the dam" (orig.: Korek w przegrodzie): 90 years ago a heart surgery was considered to be one of the greatest achievements of medical sciences of all times. Nowadays, that word achievement refers to something else: the ability to treat an impaired heart without a scalpel.
  • "Wprost", (48, 30/12/1997), Renata Karwan, "Amplatzer": For the first time ever in Poland the medical team from the Cardiac Clinic in Zabrze treated the atrial septal defect without the scalpel (.). A low budget of the National Health Care may prevent the clinic from growing.
Scientific, educational and medical objectives will not be met without a sufficient organizational and financial help. Therefore, the Fund would like to request any help in the form of a financial support, services of any kind or material goods. All of that will be used to solve and eliminate the health, social or environmental obstacles that the children cope with.

The Congenital Heart Defects and Pediatric Cardiology Department is one of the best places for treatment congenital heart diseases in Poland. There are a new cathlab ( .Integris. - Siemens, installed in 2005), 3 echomachines (Philips 7500 and 4500). There is also electrophysiology lab with CARTO system and CT Siemens Somatom 64 available for the department patients.

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Do not turn your back away from an ill child!

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