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The Foundation has a special fund provided for scholarships of foreign doctors, who wish to develop more their qualifications in interventional catheterization of congenital heart defects. The donor is a company AGA Medical Corporation from Minneapolis (USA). This is .The scholarship of Kurt Amplatz. - an unrestricted educational grant for educational support purposes. This will take place in Congenital Heart Diseases and Pediatric Cardiology Dept Silesian Center for Heart Diseases, Zabrze, Poland (Chief of the dept dr Jacek Bialkowski). The proposal should be directed to the President of the Foundation dr Jacek Bialkowski (the best way by e-mail) address or by mail Dr Jacek Bialkowski Congenital Heart Disease and Pediatric Cardiology Dept Silesian Center for Heart Diseases ul. Szpitalna 2; 41800 Zabrze, Poland tel/fax 004832-2713401. Decisions related to reception of the mentioned scholarship will be made by the Board of the Foundation. This scholarship is meant to make provision for the cost of stay, accommodation and according to financial possibilities for the trip to Poland. The period of the training will be decided individually depending on propositions of the candidate and possibilities of the Department. Scope of the interventional procedures realized in the Dept with related scientific achievements (publications in international medical magazines) has been demonstrated in - Interventional catheterization in heart defects.

   The scholarship of Kurt Amplatz was finished in 2009 y. Foreign and Polish medical doctors attended the training program.


Jun 2010

Currently (2010 y) successive training programs are implemented:

  • "Vatican Scholarship": for doctors from South America sponsored by the Pontificio Consilio per Operatori Sanitari. This is the continuation of the program launched in 2006.

  • "Joaniten Scholarship" is directed to doctors from Ukraine. The scholarship is sponsored by The Sovereign Order of St. John Knights Hospitallers. This is a continuation of the program from 2008 y. Two doctors from Ukraine attended the training in this year.

   During the fellowship doctors will be trained in pediatric cardiology with emphasis on interventional cardiology and nonsurgery treatment of congenital cardiac defects.


In 2010 in our department training courses for foreign doctors were conducted. These specialized courses were financed under the funds:
- "Grant Knights" - Dr. Bogdan Czerpak from Kiev,
- "Grant Vatican" - Dr. Carlos Molina, Guatemala


    Resources for training doctors outside Poland are derived entirely from foreign sponsors.

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