Family assistance

In random cases or in difficult financial situation of families with a child suffering from congenital heart defect Foundation can grant money or factual support. To obtain such help it is vital to apply in writing to the President of the Foundation (or v-ce President) supported by a firmed consent of the doctor conducting the treatment of the child. Board of the Foundation is obliged to take appropriate decision in a short period of time. This help has "ad hock" character and is dedicated mainly to make it possible for a child to arrive to Hospital or Outpatient Clinic, to buy necessary medicines, or to cover medical services no guaranteed by the Social Security System (NFZ) (e.g. Telekardio) or to cover the accommodation of close member family, after the child has been admitted and is from a distant region of the country. We wanted the parents to be able to stay near the child during all the period of hospitalization.

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